Grow your business by keeping your technology trim.

EdgeAX is a total solution designed specifically for Apparel Retail businesses. Developed to extend and enhance the inherent strengths of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform, EdgeAX is efficient, cost-effective, and quick-to-implement, and does not require expensive and complicated third-party software packages or add-ins.To ensure that your EdgeAX implementation conforms to every aspect of your business model and operational style, is clearly understood by your personnel, and continues to operate flawlessly as your enterprise evolves, we provide a range of essential services:

Business Consulting
Tailor-made. Bespoke. Made-to-measure. The apparel industry knows the importance of a good fit, and so does the EdgeAX team. Through over a decade of direct interaction with market leaders, our business consultants and expert analysts have gained a wealth of insights specific to the apparel market space.
By conducting in-depth business process assessments and meeting with key decision-makers, the EdgeAX consulting team constructs a detailed understanding of the many elements that make your business unique. Drawing from their extensive knowledge of industry best practices, our experts present strategic and tactical recommendations intended to align your enterprise’s processes with procedural and organizational models that have helped our clients improve profitability, increase market share, and enhance operational efficiency.
Our experts’ customer-oriented approach and eye for detail ensure that your EdgeAX implementation fits like a glove.

Implementation Services
Having gathered your organization’s specific requirements, EdgeAX’s implementation specialists deploy, configure and test your solution roll-out with precision, using Dynamics Sure Step, a proven Microsoft implementation methodology. We liaise with your IT personnel to ensure that the implementation proceeds rapidly and without incident, and calibrate EdgeAX to run optimally as a part of your overall technology infrastructure.
Our off-shore resources minimize project cost, while our on-shore presence ensures rapid deployment and prompt service, which results in an ideal combination that offers excellent value. Each EdgeAX implementation undergoes functional and performance testing to verify overall solution integrity and responsiveness, and user acceptance testing to confirm that your customized solution behaves the way users expect it to.

Software Configuration and Deployment
The configuration of each EdgeAX deployment is designed to meet our customers’ specific needs. By modeling the configured solution to mirror your organization’s unique, proprietary processes, our implementation professionals craft the appropriate solution to match the requirements that set your business apart.
To facilitate business continuity and leverage your existing data sources, our development and implementation experts work in concert to convert and migrate your existing records into EdgeAX from legacy systems.

Training and Documentation
Well-trained personnel are absolutely essential for successfully implementing any business process. EdgeAX combines thoughtfully designed training materials with seasoned training experts to deliver an excellent learning experience that appeal to novices and advanced users alike.
At our clients’ request, EdgeAX’s implementation team conducts company-wide training for client staff with a focus on hands-on system use and practical exercises. In addition to in-person training sessions, our training specialists also offer the flexibility and convenience of webinars, which allow users to participate in interactive, and instructor-led courses. EdgeAX also supplies clients with detailed product documentation, including easy-to-follow user manuals, as well as other reference material.
Our superlative training services and product documentation boost the rate of user adoption, reduces the potential for confusion and user error, and minimizes the need for support requests.

Questions or concerns about your new EdgeAX implementation? Please contact our Support team:

Monday to Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm EST

After your EdgeAX implementation is complete, our support staff can provide ongoing support and maintenance for both Microsoft Dynamics 365 and EdgeAX. By offering a single, reliable point of contact for your entire implementation, EdgeAX support shortens resolution times for any issues that might arise.